Friday, April 10, 2009

An Albright-Wamsley Affair

Below are the invitations and various collateral pieces I designed for the Albright/Wamsley wedding. Not only were the bride and groom awesome clients, the bride is also my sister. My part in the wedding, as well as Maid of Honor, was designing anything that needed to be printed. Aside from illustrating the birds which remind me of my sister, my favorite part of the project were the place cards which doubled as wedding gifts.

All of the pictures below were taken by the very talented wedding photographer Laura Burlton. Check out her stuff!

Save the Date (magnet)
The photo for these save the dates was taken by the grooms mother, Nancy Wamsley, who is also an artist. I created the artwork.



Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
The rehearsal dinner was at the grooms parent's house. BBQ was the main course.

The programs were printed, cut and drilled by Copy Dot Com, then hand assembled. Copy Dot Com did a great job and were really easy to work with.

Place Cards
The leaves for these were cut from a template I designed. The names and numbers were hand written, then assembled.

Cake Art
Bessie's Bakery used some of the artwork from the invitations on the cake. The cake was carrot cake with cream cheese icing, and it was DELICIOUS.